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1.A(grants)           2. B(external)       3. C(picture)     4. D(for example)  5. B(fearful)
6. D(on)             7. A(if)              8. A(test)            9. D(success)      10.C(chosen)
11.A(otherwise)    12.C(conducted)    13.B(rated)         14.C(took)          15.B(then)
16.C(marked)        17.D(before)       18.D(drop)         19.B(undo)          20.A(necessary)
    Text 1
21. Priestly criticizes her assistant for her
    [B] insensitivity to fashion.   
22. According to Cline, mass-maket labels urge consumers to
    [D] shop for their garments more frequently.   
23. The word “indictment” (Line 3, Para.2) is closest in meaning to
    [A] accusation.   
24. Which of the following can be inferred from the lase paragraph
    [D] Pricing is vital to environment-friendly purchasing   
25. What is the subject of the text
    [C] Criticism of the fast-fashion industry.   
    Text 2   
26. It is suggested in paragraph 1 that “behavioural” ads help advertisers to:
    [B] lower their operational costs   
27. “The industry” (Line 6,Para.3) refers to:
    [A] online advertisers   
28. Bob Liodice holds that setting DNT as a default
    [C] will not benefit consumers   
29. which of the following is ture according to Paragraph.6
    [A] DNT may not serve its intended purpose   
30. The author's attitude towards what Brendon Lynch said in his blog is one of:
    [D] skepticism   
31·[B] our faith in science and technology   
32·[A] a sustained species   
33·[D] Our Immediate future is hard to conceive    
34·[C] draw on our experience from the past   
35·[C] The Ever-bright Prospects of Mankind   
    Text 4   
36. [C]overstepped the authority of federal immigration law   
37. [C]States’ legitimate role in immigration enforcement.   
38. [D]stood in favor of the states   
39. [A] outweighs that held by the states   
40. [B]Justices intended to check the power of the Administrstion.   
    41.[E] These issues all have root causes in human behavior .all require behavioral change and social innovations , as well as technological development . Stemming climate change , for example , is as much about changing consumption patterns and promoting tax acceptance as it is about developing clean energy.   
    42.[F] Despite these factors , many social scientists seem reluctant to tackle such problems . And in Europe , some are up in arms over a proposal to drop a specific funding category for social-science research and to integrate it within cross-cutting topics of sustainable development .    
    43.[B] However, the numbers are still small: in 2010,about 1,600 of the 100,000 social-sciences papers published globally included one of these keywords.   
    44.[G] During the late 1990s , national spending on social sciences and the humanities as a percentage of all research and development funds-including government, higher education, non-profit and corporate -varied from around 4% to 25%; in most European nations , it is about 15%.   
    45.[C] the idea is to force social scientists to integrate their work with other categories, including health and demographic change food security, marine research and the bio-economy, clear, efficient energy; and inclusive, innovative and secure societies.   
    46. 然而,令人震惊的是,当人们看到又无家可归者建造的花园照片时,由于风格的多样性,所有这些花园显示了超越了装饰与创造性表现的其它各种各样的基本诉求.   
    48. 那些无家可归者的花园实际上是"无家可归"的家园,同花园被引入了城市,在那儿,它们之前即不存在也未曾像这样可以被辨识.   
    49 . 我们中的大部分人屈服于道德败坏,在某些心理状态下我们通常归咎于道德败坏,直到有一天我们发现自己身处花园,压迫感奇迹般地消失了.   
    50. 尽管在某种被解放的意义上,但正是这种含蓄或明显的对大自然的引用认可了使用“花园”一词来描述这些被合成的建筑。   
    Dear Mr. Smith,   
    As a member of the Students’ Union, I am writing this letter to request whether you could serve as a judge in the English speech contest to be held in our university next Saturday.   
    This contest aims at improving the students’ communicative and practical ability in English, the details of which are as follows. To begin with, the participants are mainly the seniors who will step into the society three months later. In addition, the theme is concerning the utmost significance of future choice after graduation.   
    It is my sincere hope that you can present yourself in this extracurricular activity. I am looking forward to a favorable reply at your earliest convenience.   
                                                              Sincerely yours,   
                                                                      Li Ming
    52. 参考范文:   
    The set of cartoon given above dramatically features a scene of college graduates choosing their future destination. When stepping out of the ivory tower, the would-be graduates will confront with multiple choices, such as hunting a job, taking part in National Entrance Examination for MS/MA. What is conveyed in the picture carries a far-reaching implication for both us and our society.   
    The drawing is designed to remind us of the crucial importance of the distinctive goal in future development, which is a practical issue confronting every would-be graduate. On the one hand, for a real road, if stepping on a wrong way, one can return to the original point, but life is a one-way journey: one cannot start it all over again. Different choices in life may make great differences. On the other hand, to some extent, future is a combination of choices and efforts. Some people even believe that one’s success depends more on how intelligently he chooses than on how diligently he works. With a wrong direction the farther we go, the farther we are away from our dream.   
    Therefore, positive mental guidance must be popularized among the public, especially the young to help them keep a clear mind and make wise choices in the life journey. Besides, every youngster should be educated to realize his position and the reality and choose his life goal in a down-to-earth manner. Only with a right direction and destination can all the efforts make towards our dream pay off.



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